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Testimonies from previous customers:

Hey Amber,
Here's an update on Tina (Daisy from Belle/Riley's October litter).  She's growing into quite the specimen.  We live in a very dog friendly neighborhood in Atlanta and people always stop us to compliment her looks.  And their jaws drop when we tell them her age.  At 7 months, she's already bigger than most of the adult labs in the neighborhood!  She has a wonderful temperament and thinks everyone in the room needs a hug.  Our only "issue" so far is she thinks she's still only 15lbs and likes to crawl in our laps (we can live with that one).  She's an absolutely wonderful dog, and we are blessed to have her in our family.  

We are so excited that one of our previous puppy's is being trained as a service dog! He was born in October 2015 to Belle and Riley. Here is what his his owner, Molly Gareau, has to say about him....

Hi! Hope you all are well. Just dropping in a little update on Bentley. He is very sweet and already starting to lose his puppy jumping and nipping. He knows sit, down, and wait when we give him his food. He also knows wait at the door when we come inside. He's over 40 pounds already and doing well! A really cool thing we wanted to share about Bentley is that he is starting the process of being service trained!! He passed the initial evaluation and is starting service training for our almost 5 year old daughter who has several congenital neurological issues and seizures. The trainer was impressed with his willingness to work and ease of training. We are so excited about this new journey and excited for Bentley and Meagan! He's doing extremely well so far. The trainer said she's very impressed with his focus and impulse control for just being a 5 month old lab puppy. She said as he keeps outgrowing normal puppy behaviors she is very confident he will be able to finish the service dog program. We will keep you all updated of course throughout the process!

Hi! We got our sweet Levi from you in November 2014. I just thought I would update you on how well he is doing. He is the smartest, sweetest, most loyal, well mannered puppy. People stop me almost daily on our walks to comment on how handsome he is. He is truly a member of our family and we are so thankful we found you guys!!!

Leanne McDermott
We were blessed to welcome into our home the last puppy of Amber's littler, Bruno, born on September 11th, 2015. We could not be happier with our decision! My husband and I did a great deal of research prior to finding the newest member of our family, and Myrtlewood Acres surpassed our expectations with every criteria we had. Amber is very professional and includes the proper paperwork and kit for taking home your new puppy. Their home and yard is immaculate, assuring you that your puppy and his parent's have been and continue to be well taken care of. I felt like Bruno was meant to be a member of my family, as he was the last puppy listed, and after bringing him home and getting to know him for the past few weeks, I know this is the case--this puppy was made for us! Thank you Amber and family for taking care of one of our very loved and cherished family members! We will be coming back for Bruno's sister when the time comes for her birth. 

Hi Amber.. 

 Its me Elizabeth, I bought my black lab from you in April.  This is a picture of Maximus.  He's such a good boy..  He has amost all of the basic commands as sit rollover jump fetch.  He's even taught our basset hound that is 2 years old to do the same thing. 

Thank u so much for selling to us .

We got a black lab puppy in April of 2014. It was the best decision we ever made! He is defiantly our fur child and spoiled rotten. Cash is the most well tempered young puppy we have ever had. He is so smart and loves to play. His favorite things right now are playing fetch, swimming, and licking all over his mom and dad. I would highly recommend getting your lab puppy from the Yoder's!! We have had the most amazing experience with our puppy and loved the continued communication between Amber checking on the well being of Cash. Best decision we ever made!

Ken and Emily Hamilton